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What Do We Do Differently?

From start to finish, we like to focus on the efficiency of the space in question. What does that mean? Well it actually means a couple different things. 

First, we find out what the space is going to be ideally used for. Did you want a In-Law suite with a large living room? Or did you just want a bathroom in the basement for when you're working out in the open floor plan. There is no sense in spending money on something that you don't necessarily want. A little discussion goes a long way for the overall satisfaction of your space. If we are building you a New Home, then a lot more thought will go into the building than a simple discussion.

Second, we are a firm believer in energy efficiency. Thanks to energy efficient LED bulbs, this step is getting a lot easier. However, there is more to an energy efficient space than the lighting, which we like lots of lighting. If you are pumping heat into a corner of the house that you never need, you are wasting vast amounts of energy. We take stock of where everything is, what will be where, and the requirements of each space. 


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